Hands Up! Block That Shot!


Ada Torres

As summer shifts into fall, volleyball season is around the corner, but for the varsity co-captain, Carolyn Dwyer, they waste no time in preparing to lead a team full of young players.

Following an impressive run last year with alumni Amanda Green, Dwyer hopes to end her senior year with a great run in Volleyball.

“I think that if we have good chemistry and become confident in what we can do, I think we can do well this season.” Dwyer said.

Leading a team of young players who have never experienced varsity style gameplay will be hard. But Dwyer is prepared to help and lead them all!

“I’ve had a lot of experience on varsity, so I think that will help when it comes to leading. I think that I need to help set the pace for our team, and take control during games. I hope to bring everyone together and help people who haven’t had experience on varsity yet,” 

We can expect a great season from Dwyer and the vikings as they take on the Central Suburban League. Stay tuned for more coverage on the volleyball team and look out for their game days. The varsity girls volleyball team is getting ready to take the championship, be there to watch it!