Calliope literary magazine welcomes all artists to perform, submit artwork


Calliope Magazine is hosting a Music and Poetry Night to showcase live poetry and music on Friday, March 18. They are looking for more acts to perform. Fill out this form if you are interested. 

Calliope Literary Magazine is also currently collecting art submissions of any medium to add to this year’s issue.

Calliope Magazine is Niles North’s art magazine that features works of students and staff. Any kind of art can be submitted, whether it be photographs, paintings, sketches, pictures of fashion or jewelry creations, poems, or short stories. 

The magazine is edited by a team of students who are a part of Calliope club. Following the theme of the past few years, the magazine will be published digitally.

“Calliope is a great platform to showcase the diverse array of artists at [Niles] North,” Calliope editor and poet sophomore Bianca Joaquin said. “Plus, it’s exciting to know that my work will be featured in a publication!”

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Calliope is a great platform to showcase the diverse array of artists at [Niles] North.

— Bianca Joaquin, Calliope editor

If you are interested in submitting your artwork, fill out this form for Calliope editors to review. If you have any questions, email Calliope Magazine sponsor, Jean Ordonez ([email protected]). 

Follow Calliope’s Instagram page @_nncalliope for more updates about the club.