LatinX club kicks off the school year by celebrating Hispanic Heritage month


LatinX Club

Dean Peña holds the piñata for students.


Niles North’s LatinX students and teachers gathered in the courtyard on Sept. 15 for a piñata party to honor the beginning of  Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th- October 15th). They got to hit the piñata which was filled with colorful inflatable balls and candy. The party had around 50-70 students in attendance. Students ate tamales,dance, and converse about the importance of celebrating their culture. They finished the party with the announcement of the new co-presidents for LatinX this year, senior Karina Haro and senior Lizbeth Jaimes. 

The piñata kick-off has been a tradition for many years at Niles North as well as the closing fiesta that takes place around October 15. Throughout the month, the LatinX club offers many other opportunities to participate and learn about the culture through a calendar filled with movie suggestions, video clips, song recommendations, and articles. The Hispanic Heritage Month Calendar was created during Covid-19 by Spanish teacher and club sponsor Sra. Arteaga, to give LatinX students the chance to celebrate their heritage even throughout the hardships and circumstances they were in. The calendar is now sent out to all Niles North students and staff and is encouraged to be used by everyone.

“It really is so much fun and sets off the mood for every other month after this,”  Sra. Arteaga said.

LatinX puts in an extraordinary amount of effort to make this month memorable. But why? Why is it so important?

Hispanics have come a long way and it’s important to celebrate because it gives us, LatinX students, a chance to feel appreciated and welcomed in the building

— senior Lizbeth Jaimes, co-president of LatinX club

“When I was growing up, all we did in school to celebrate was wear a jersey for one day,” Mathematics teacher and club sponsor Sra. Serrano said.  She continued to mention how many students are embarrassed or shy to show where they come from, and having representation and educating others here at Niles North helps create a safe environment where they all can relate to each other.

“Hispanics have come a long way and it’s important to celebrate because it gives us, LatinX students, a chance to feel appreciated and welcomed in the building even if it is just the music playing during passing periods, special events hosted by LatinX and Lansa, or being able to learn dances in our new club Baile,” co-president of LatinX club senior Jaimes said.

Baile is a new Latin dance club that is open to all students and staff who are willing to learn or teach Latin dances. The club is sponsored by math teacher Sra. Saucedo, and they meet every Tuesda and Friday after school.

“It is a fun way to dip your feet into the culture and get a feel for the rhythm,” co-president senior Haro said. “Sra. Saucedo does an amazing job at teaching flamenco.”

Over the next few weeks, as the club progresses, students who are educated enough about certain dances will be able to take over and teach the club as well, giving students a great leadership role in the club. There also might be possible performances during International Night or even in local areas. 

As the month progresses, students and staff should keep in touch with the calendar and see all the events and educational opportunities planned. Support your fellow classmates and LatinX club members by making it a memorable month for them!