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7 places to help cure your summer boredom

Even if it feels like theres no place to go, there is always a new place to explore!
Lily Howard
Even if it feels like there’s no place to go, there is always a new place to explore!

As summer is approaching and the days are free, there is one question that all students have asked at least once, “what should I do today”. Whether you’re by yourself, or hanging out with friends choosing where to go or what to do feels impossible sometimes. However, with all the places nearby, finding somewhere to go should not be a chore this summer. 

Starting off locally, Skokie is home to many activities to help keep students entertained this summer. 

As summer begins some of the most interesting movies tend to be released. The movie theater is a great place to go with your friends to keep up with all new releases before the start of the next school year. The movie theater also offers many different varieties of movies great for all ranges of ages. 

Emily Oaks is a 13 acre nature center that includes wide varieties of views from plants, trees, and different animals. There is a large pond in the center and many different seating areas to converse with friends. Emily Oaks also offers different activities so be sure to check their website. 

The Botanic Garden is a beautiful place that aims to connect people with plants. Upon entering the garden you will be overwhelmed by all the sights around you. Along with being pretty to look at, it also offers classes such as photography and art. 

Moving to places a little further away, Chicago and Evanston have some of the best places for students to stop by and visit. 

Northwestern is a very popular place for students to visit because of the access to beaches nearby. However, if you don’t want to go to Northwestern specifically, there are a ton of other beaches scattered all throughout Chicago that students can access, most of the time for free.


If you’re ever looking for a place to eat, A Taste of Heaven is the place to go. It has all kinds of food from pasties, deserts, lunch, and dinner. The staff is extremely friendly and the building is very cozy.


Although it may not seem like everyone’s first choice, the Zoo is a nice, free place where students can explore. Every once in a while it offers some experience that leaves a lasting memory. There are also many sights nearby that can be good for sightseeing.

To help cool down during the summer heat, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream offers a wide variety of different flavours that vary from your everyday chocolate and vanilla. With many locations all throughout the city, you should definitely take the time to stop by, and see just how good it is.

Next time you find yourself unsure of where to go, remember to check out some of these places. 

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Lily Howard
Lily Howard, People Editor & Features Editor
Lily is a sophomore at Niles North. She is in debate, Mock law trial, and has been in journalism since the beginning of freshman year.

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    Liz MceneryMay 18, 2024 at 11:05 am

    Great list— we need this. I will share it with my students.