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Need a fun summer project? Go to the Skokie Public Library to DIY

Andrew Berman Architect Skokie Public Library Project
Michael Moran
Andrew Berman Architect Skokie Public Library Project

Looking to do something fun over the summer? You don’t have to look far, because we have the Skokie Public Library. The library has something for everyone regardless of if you like to read or not. 

Our local library has come a long way from when it first started, and it is definitely not just a library. What started as a local town library, has become a hub for people of all ages to connect. There are spaces for students from Pre-K to teens to work with rooms with whiteboards and collaborative coworking space-style rooms anyone can book.

The library got renovated [date] and one of the best spaces available to all is The Studio. There are recording booths for camera, audio, and music work. There are instruments available in the studio-style rooms. The Studio also has a fairly large space full of sewing machines, 3D printers, vinyl cutters, embroidery machines, and laser engravers. I have personally made so many connections and met so many people in the space, it is very open and collaborative. 

There are very friendly staff available while the library is open every day to help everyone work the machines. There are also straightforward manuals at every machine, and it is made very easy to learn something new!

For those who love reading, the library has an amazing collection of books, magazines, and so much more! The library is also starting itsit’s summer reading program which they do every summer!

Here is what our Niles North Head Librarian, Ms. Zbinden has to say:

It is a fantastic idea to go to the Skokie Public Library over the summer. So while we close physically here at Niles north, the Skokie Public Library ramps up their programming for summer in anticipation of all of the young people who will be off of school so they have book clubs, they have internships, they have teen library programs, they just have a tremendous number of events happening, a lot of programming that the public library has always offered during the summer. So yes, go to the Public Library.

For more information visit: their website


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Ivan Shalaev
Ivan Shalaev, Reporter
Ivan is a senior at Niles North. Ivan is a part of six music ensembles at school and is also involved in theater.

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