No more worries: Heartland Healthcare aids students

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No more worries: Heartland Healthcare aids students

Tahir Razzaq

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Niles North High School’s main mission is to keep students safe and healthy. Over the past years, the school is upgrading and achieving a goal to make Niles North the best for its’ students. This year Niles North is providing a new health care system, Heartland Health Care Services.

Heartland Health is a new health care system which gives students a reflexive way to get the help they need. Heartland Health provides many benefits such as,

  • Examining for school physicals
  • Provides vaccinations such as flu shots
  • Anger management services
  • Talking about depression to an adult
  • Offer sexual health education
  • Provide students with condoms, birth control pills, and safe sex advice

“I have been dealing with a back problem since my junior and I really needed support and the right nurse to check on me and this year Heartland helped me go through my struggles and  really made sure that I was performing well,” Sumerah Khatoon, senior, said. ” I am so lucky to go to a school which provides so many benefits and I believe students should take advantage of this opportunity.”

Director and Manager Melissa Hart had this to say to the D219 staff and students.

“We at Heartland Health Center want you to know that we are here to assist your health needs. We aim to provide quality care and we look forwards to building relationships with you all.”

In addition, the state law states that it is required that ALL students under the age of 18 receive a meningitis shot. Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges caused by viral or bacterial infection.

For students who did not receive their meningitis shots, Heartland Health will providing students with this service. In order to get the shot you must go to their office, located next to the student commons, and fill a consent form.

For more questions please contact Melissa Hart (773)-751-7900.