Dr. Ryan Mctague’s farewell to Niles North

Dr. Ryan Mctagues farewell to Niles North

Tahir Razzaq

It is said that all good thing must come to an end and it is that time of year that Niles North will be losing its heart and soul, Dr. Ryan McTague.

Dr. McTague has been a principal for six years and in these six years he has made sure that the school is one of the best experiences every student obtains and makes a story out of it. Sadly, this will be Dr. McTague’s last year at Niles North. He will be the new superintendent for McHenry School District 156.

“What I am going to miss the most about Niles North are the amazing relationships that I’ve had with my fellow administrators, my teachers, staff, and especially my students. I feel like we have been able to develop a strong sense of community here and the idea that we really do look out for one another and it is that sense of community that these relationships is what I am going to miss the most,” Dr. McTague, principal, said.

Dr. Ryan McTague was appointed Niles North Principal in July 2010. He began his service to Niles Township High School District 219 in 2003, when he came to Niles West High School as a Dean of Students. He became Director of Deans in 2005 and then was appointed Assistant Principal of Operations since 2007. He also served as Summer School Principal at Niles North for three years.

He has been actively involved in the District’s strategic planning to guarantee a viable and rigorous curriculum and to enhance the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for students to encourage more rigorous course selection. During his tenure in the Dean’s Office, Dr. McTague helped the school shift from a punitive disciplinary approach to one that emphasizes social and restorative justice principles.

“Niles North has taught me that even a large organization shows us our true powers that we can come together and that we truly can be a strong community and that we can value those relationships and find a way to move our school forward together. I think it is amazing that given the right amount of effort, we can all do amazing things when we stand together as one. No matter the challenge, no matter the adversity, no matter the struggle, no matter the goals, we have a better chance of accomplishing them when we work together,” He added.

Even though he will be leaving, his legacy will live on forever. Like Dr. Ryan Mctague says, We are Niles North and we are one.