Breaking news: District superintendent, assistant superintendent resign

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Breaking news: District superintendent, assistant superintendent resign

Samantha McNelis

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On Wednesday, Nov. 18, Nanciann Gatta resigned her position as superintendent. She will officially no longer be in office on Dec. 31. Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Chief Legal Officer John Heintz resigned from his position as well, starting Dec. 22.

District board members and Gatta signed a separation agreement to officiate Gatta’s removal from her position. The agreement grants Gatta and Heintz insurance and other benefits.

According to Gatta’s separation agreement, “the Superintendent shall be on paid vacation until December 31, 2015.”

Heintz will also be on paid vacation from Nov. 18 to Dec. 22, 2015.

Both Gatta and Heintz are allowed to hold other positions in the district through 2018, according to their contracts.

“Dr. Gatta is very pleased the issue has been resolved,” a spokesman for Gatta said. “It’s very important for the district to start anew.”

Gatta and Heintz have both been on paid leave since August 10. Since then, forensic accounting, forensic technology firm, and law firms have investigated the situation.

Dr. Anne Roloff was appointed interim superintendent in order to make important decisions for the district.