DM invites everyone to pop up and run

Photo courtesy of Shopify Blog

Photo courtesy of Shopify Blog

Dance Marathon will be hosting their first pop-up thrift store later this month and are getting ready for their annual Halloween 5K. 

Dance Marathon along with other clubs are hosting a pop-up thrift shop where students can donate used clothes as well as buy them for a discounted price. The pop-up thrift shop is from September 23 to 25 during all lunch periods in the   New Commons. 

Donation for clothes began on September 9 and if you donate clothes you can get $1 coupon to use at the thrift store. Goals of the store are to provide ways for students and staff to purchase used clothing for a reasonable price, to raise money for the School Chest, and to make individuals more aware of the environmental impact of buying new clothes.

“I’m excited about the DM pop up thrift shop because it’s the first time we’re doing something like this and it’s a fun way to collaborate with other clubs in school, such as fashion club, fem club, and recycling club. I think it’s important because clothes sold at the shop is helping fundraise for a great cause (Apna Ghar, this year’s organization!),”  DM Executive senior Diana Buda said.