Will the Vikings make it to the playoffs?

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Will the Vikings make it to the playoffs?

Hamid Ahmadi

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The Niles North Football team stampeded into the Chuck Pos stadium this past Friday and defeated Highland Park with a final score of 42-29, despite the rainy weather and cold. Also, there was still a very big crowd even with the poor weather conditions. Why is it important that the team won, you may ask? The Vikings are now going to the playoffs. This is their second consecutive year going and the boys could not be any more excited. This being their second time emerging into the playoffs, the vikings must show their strengths and determination throughout all four quarters of the game.

This season, the Vikings have won five games and lost four.

By advancing onto the playoffs, the boys are scheduled to play Whitney Young. More information on location and date/time will be posted later.

During the first quarter, Jordan Labelle, junior, scored the first touchdown of the game. The crowd went crazy. The vikings lead 7-0 over the Highland Park Giants.

“It was raining so I was a little worried about ball security but by the time the game started the rain slowed down a lot, so I was happy about that. I knew with all of our tactics back on the field and everyone healthy; rain, sleet or snow… we were gonna get this win,” says Labelle. “Of course it felt good making it to playoffs, but just making playoffs was last years goal.. This year, we want to do more!”

Barrington Wade and Markhus Taylor, both seniors, then followed Labelle’s lead by scoring two more touchdowns, making the score a whopping 21-0. Vikings were still in the lead.

Finally, the giants scored, raising the score to 21-7.

The Vikings were fueled as Craig “Dutch” Dawkins, senior, ran big for a touchdown. The vikings were slowly yet very surely defeating the giants. The score was 28-7.

Slowly after, the giants scored two more touchdowns, bringing their score up to 42-21.

“It feels good,” says Makell Davis, senior, “Making history will always be remembered.”

The thrill, excitement, and exhilarating rush that was felt throughout the stadium was one that one cannot imagine.

Congrats vikings on the win, and good luck at playoffs!


Photo Credits: Varsity Views