Vikings triumph over the pack


Ada Torres

With the most anticipated game of the year held at Niles North Chuck stadium, the Niles North Varsity Football team trampled over Niles West during the Skokie Skirmish. The victory ultimately went to the Vikings, 52-27.

The Skokie Skirmish is an event that shows the rivalry of Niles North (NN) and Niles West (NW).

The Vikings (2-1) led 24-7 at halftime. Romario Gayle, senior, blocked a punt, then Barrington Wade dashed 41 yards to the end zone on the first play of the drive to put the Vikings ahead 31-7.

Markhus Taylor finished with nine carries for 37 yards. Taylor was 6-for-10 passing for 101 yards and threw two touchdown passes. One of these passes were to Wade, who then scored a 41 yd touchdown.

Wade had outstanding plays, that’s to be expected from a D1 athlete.

“I really don’t go to football games but I regret it. I had no idea that Niles North had an amazing athlete like Barrington,” senior Justin Im said.

Wade alone had an amazing 380 rushing yards which is the second highest rushing yards in NN history. He scored 4 touchdowns in the game and this includes an impressive 83 yard touchdown.

Late in the game, West pulled through with a little run. West athlete Yaniv Shields, senior, rushed 15 times for 108 yards and a touchdown. The score was now 31-13. But thanks to the NN defensive line, the wolves pack began to crumble leading to their loss. With NW losing the vikings win the Skokie Skirmish in a blowout fall game!

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Top Image: Ada Torres, Photographer