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Vivian Trupia, Sophomore

Vivian Trupia

What is your name and grade? My name is Vivian Trupia and I am a sophomore. 

What inspired you to become a softball player? Well, I’ve started playing softball since I was in fourth grade and I decided to take it up again this year. I started playing in fourth grade because I always watched the Cubs play with my family. I wanted to play baseball, but they didn’t let me play baseball back then so I played softball instead. 

What are your favorite after-school activities? I like to take a nap and spend time with my friends. 

What is your favorite music to listen to? Depends on the mood that I am in. If I was going to put on music right now it would be indie rock-ish. 

What is your dream job? I don’t know, probably something to do with media. 

What are you afraid of? Failure. Disappointing the people that I love. 

What is your favorite movie and why? Virgin Suicides because I was named after the girl in it and I think it is a really pretty film. 

What is your favorite gift you have ever received? For my sixteenth birthday, my friend burned me a CD with all of music that I really like to listen to. 

How do you think people would describe you? I think people would describe me as smart. 

What are you most grateful for in life? My friends and my family. 

Where would your dream vacation be? Italy, because my family is from Italy and there is a town named after my last name. 

What does the perfect day look like for you? Wake up late, around noon. Go out with my friends somewhere, get food, and then go to bed really late. 

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