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Shaked Bega, Freshman

James R Prizant

What is your name and grade? My name is Shaked Bega and I’m [a] freshman.

What are your favorite classes? Well, I like most of my classes. The only class I don’t like is science, because it’s too hard and it’s not my favorite, it’s boring. [My favorites are] English, gym, art, math, and Resource.

What do you do when you get home from school? Go home and play Fortnite. [My favorite games are] Fortnite and GTA V. I play video games and I get really annoyed by my brother. He’s a little bit annoying. He always kicks my door for no reason

What do you like to do over the weekend? I usually like going to the waterpark, but my mom doesn’t like going to the waterpark, because she doesn’t like Six Flags. She doesn’t like rollercoasters. [I like rollercoasters] a little bit because they’re a bit scary. [I like waterparks] because they have a lot of water in [them].

What do you like to do on your phone? I like going on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, playing some games, and talking to AIs. [They’re] not really people, but like… fake characters. Like, AI Taylor Swift.

What do you like about Taylor Swift? I like her music. [My favorite song,] it’s called “Blank Space.” It’s on my Spotify account. It looks really cool. It’s about Taylor Swift dating this guy. It’s about a blank space, and [Swift will] write his name onto a tree or something like that.

What are your favorite foods and candies? Steak (medium-well), chicken nuggets, and hamburgers.  Skittles and M&Ms, because they are good. I heard chocolate is not good for you, but they are really good.

What do you like to do with your friends in school? Well, I have two best friends… Eliza [Svetov] and Lindsey [Garcia]. I just talk to them. I have [other] friends named Hannah [Seitz], Zahra [Arif], and Elyana 

What are your favorite sports to play? Basketball, golf, and that’s it.

What is your favorite movie? I watched the movie Safe (2012) and it looks really fun. It’s about saving people that are in a company and they have to save people from houses.

What is your favorite song? I like the song called “What You Like” by One Direction. They say they’re a whole family and they can do whatever they like.

What is your favorite place that you have ever been to? Las Vegas. I just went to some amusement parks and I stayed at my grandma’s house. I stayed there for the night. I ate some food [at her house], really good food actually, and that’s it basically. [It was] steak, medium well.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you? I like when they do a lot of fighting [in video games]. [I] go outside, play basketball, try to do some slam dunks, and that’s it.

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James R Prizant
James R Prizant, Asst. People Editor
James "Jimmy" Ryan Prizant is a junior at Niles North. In his free time he enjoys bowling, scrolling and chatting through socials, and listening to '80s music on Spotify. He one day hopes to have a job relating to mental health, writing, or bowling.

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