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Niles North High School | Skokie, IL

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Kara Sung, Freshman

Kara Sung

What is your name and grade? My name is Kara Sung and I’m in 9th grade.

What is your favorite thing about Niles North? Something I like about Niles North is the Fine & Applied Arts program because it offers a wide range of courses depending on one’s interest in music or the arts and has a really good music program.

How many instruments do you play and what is your favorite instrument? I play two instruments: the piano and the flute. I don’t have a favorite instrument but I like playing them in their ways.

If you could join a sport, what sport would you play? I would probably play badminton because it is both a team and individual sport and works on different skills such as agility and reflexes that can help one build up strength.

What do you plan to do after high school? After high school, I hope to attend a four-year university, possibly double majoring in music and something else along the liberal arts path. I’m not very certain yet, but I hope I can get into a college with a good and enriching music program that can fulfill my goals for what I plan to do in the future.

What type of music do you enjoy? I enjoy all types, but I prefer more calming music since I get stressed out easily.

What were your top three favorite childhood shows? My top three would be Curious George, Daniel the Tiger, and Clifford [the Big Red Dog].

What do you wish you did more of? I wish I could sleep more because my course load is very heavy and I have a lot of homework to complete each night.

What is a weird smell or food that you like? To some people, this may sound weird, to others it may not, but I like the smell of roasted nuts, particularly almonds. It’s the kind of smell that would be at a carnival or outdoor festival if they were selling them, but I guess I’ve always just grown accustomed to the smell since I grew up eating [them].

What is your biggest pet peeve in fashion? Skinny jeans, because I can not understand how people are comfortable in them, especially during the winter when it’s really cold outside.

What is the best vacation you have ever taken? When I went to the Great Smoky Mountains with my family the scenery was really pretty and was worth the view.

Who is your role model? Probably my parents because they are people who have done many good things and have been my number one supporters throughout my life. For example, something as simple as encouraging me to push myself in areas that I am weak in academically, like how my mom would force me to do Khan Academy even when I didn’t want to. They would always support my decisions if they felt it was good for me and would help me grow in certain ways, so I guess this made me want to look up to them as key figures in my life.

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Ashourina is a freshmen in Niles North. This is her first semester in North Star News. She enjoys listening to music and playing sports.

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