Niles North Boys’ Volleyball secures best season record since 1997


Amy Bekanon

Seniors of ‘23 Boys Varsity Volleyball

With the end of the season around the corner, the Vikings set the highest record they have accomplished in 25 years. 

“This is the best season we’ve had since 1997,” Boys’ Volleyball head coach Andre Shaw said.

Our Boys’ performance because most of them put a lot of effort and work into their off-season. 

“I’m going to keep playing volleyball,” sophomore Stefan Toma said. “Either outside at the beach or inside the gym. I’ll keep being active to have an even greater season next year.” 

Former Juniors of the team took their summer time and put it forth the off-season, whether that be weight lifting, joining club season, or practicing every day. The seniors want to teach the juniors that you have to put in the work to be a good team. 

“Without off-season work, it makes it really hard to improve and perform during practices and games,” senior Elliott Yoo said.

As the Vikings practice to their full intent to win regional championships, the team pursues their gaps and flaws and tries to fill in the gaps. In order for them to understand this, the team realizes that volleyball is a team sport. Nothing about volleyball will ever be a one-person team. 

As the season wraps up, people couldn’t be happier with the senior night on May 17 with our Vikings’ outcome. As everyone in the stands and bleachers celebrated the graduates–Mihai Beca, Billos Biro, Matthew Ounsy, Kaleb Bekanon, Elliott Yoo, and Nick Le–who made sure not to disappoint. Taking the win from Maine East, they secured second place in conference. 

With the season coming to an end, our 2023 senior graduates of the volleyball team will be remembered as they reignite the Viking flame, and help their teammates to become something great.