Third story addition construction to start next month, finish in 2023


Credit to Niles North High School and Dr. Edwards

A mockup of how the third story addition allows the community to envision its opening in 2023.

Last year, Principal Dr. Edwards announced that Niles North High School had plans to make a third-story addition that will have student spaces. Construction will start on March 25, the Friday before Spring Break. 

If you would like to view the VR view of the plans for the third-floor addition, click here to walk through it. 

What is interesting about this project is that there has been student involvement in different ways. Based on the pulse surveys sent to students, the school has come down to 5 potential final names for the addition. Those include the Skyloft, the Hub, the Lounge, and the Uncommons. These names will be included in the final ballot to decide the official name of the 3rd-floor addition. 

“Not only have the pulse surveys have helped me think about how it’s going to affect kids and staff but also the feedback kids gave an opportunity to provide the architects when they were here back in the Fall,” Edwards said. “So, they were able to see first hand what it’s going to look like, what it’s going to feel like, when they get to the 3rd floor this is really going to be a student space.”

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…when they get to the 3rd floor this is really going to be a student space.”

— Dr. Edwards, principal

When construction does start, Door 1 and Door 2 will be inaccessible for 2 years, according to Dr. Edwards. Door 19 will become the new entrance of Niles North when construction begins.

“There is going to be pane along the way with different entrances, restricted parking, a fenced-off front area, but I am imploring people to keep the end in mind,” Dr. Edwards commented on the change. “So, it will be an adjustment, especially in March. But, my hope is by the end of the school year in May people know what we are doing and where we are getting dropped off, where we’re exiting, where is the [Covid] isolation room, and because we are going to have to do this in the Fall, I think people, with the exception of the incoming 9th graders, folks will be pretty well trained.”

If you are a Senior, here is a survey to see interest in an incentive to offer free parking for the rest of the school year if you move to the North Lot, since it is closer to Door 19. Those who are already parked at the North Lot will receive credit or a partial pro-rated refund. 

The architects have an end date for the construction in 2023, but it all depends on the weather, current events, and material size. Students should check their emails for updates and other pulse surveys from the school.