India’s Covid crisis worsens

 India’s top health advisers plead for nationwide lockdown as Covid cases continue to spiral out of control. India is a nation of approximately 1.3 billion people and in a situation like this, the country is stuck in a place where there seems to be no solution. It was just 2 month ago when Indias cases were at an all time low and it seemed like it had put covid well behind it. 

“While the lockdown may have ended, the virus is still around so be cautious” said the PM of India, Narendra Modi back in October of 2020 when the country was thriving and running unaffected by the virus. Fast forward a few months into the new year , India is slowly recovering from the biggest virus surge seen in any country this year. As cases fall, we still see the deaths continuing to rise which leads people to question the government’s accuracy of recording data concerning patients of covid-19. Although the Indian government claims ‘It is doing to provide…accurate information’ the people are not satisfied and express frustration with the government’s handling of the virus.

With oxygen now as sacred as ever, Doctors in India scramble to help those whom the virus has taken a toll on. With most patients being those of the elderly, there are quite a large number of young people who have not been able to make it as well. Many cremations and funeral sites have been forced to expand their facilities to serve the public, but even then it is seen as too much. As India battles the virus, many countries around the world have come together to aid india. The US alone has sent supplies which can be manufactured to about 60 million vaccines. Thus, with help on the way and cases starting to fall, it seems like we can only pray and hope for the best.