North debuts new Latinx mural


The Latinx Club is so very proud of its mural. The students named it “La luz en medio de la oscuridad” (The Light in the Middle of the Darkness).  This project was a collaboration between 22 Niles North Latinx students, five Niles North staff members and Victor Montañez (a professional muralist).  Everyone worked remotely on individual 11X14” canvas pieces to create a 5.5X7 ft. (approximately) mural.

It took the club five months to accomplish what is now hanging in the hallway, and it continues to be a work in progress. Students will hide dedications in the roots of the Catrina’s dress. The Catrina (Death in an elegant dress) is the protagonist of the mural because it summarizes the year we’ve all had in 2020-21:  loss. In isolation and wearing a mask, Death doesn’t discriminate. The students also included more subtle messages like the fist on the face mask to support the Black Lives Matter movement and hidden faces/shapes all over the mural. A side piece with the signatures of the participating artists will be added.

Students:   Jatziry Ramos, Sarah Cardenas, Ireida Garcia, Karina Haro, Brenda Reyes, Aaron Garcia, Mariana Del Carpio, Vanessa Martin, Ashley Barrera, Danae Barrera, Andrea Meoño, Deisy Hinojosa, Alexa Agrelo, Sofia Olivares, Celeste Ramirez, Regina Saucedo, Michelle Zamora, Miriam Martinez, Heena Ansari, Paula Posadas, Emily Jaimes and Lizbeth Jaimes.

Staff:   Alejandra Arteaga, Cecilia Serrano, La Joyce Morales, Monica Saucedo and Daisy Castillo.