Seniors tackle their way to success

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Seniors tackle their way to success

Hamid Ahmadi

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Homecoming is a week of fun, prevalent, hectic, and phenomenal events that happen right here on our Viking turf. From every day themes, the assembly, the football game, and later on the dance, itself, homecoming week is a week of enjoyment for all of the student body. However, one thing that students seem to enjoy the most about homecoming week is the Powderpuff game.

This year, the girls from the class of 2016 and the girls of 2017 went head-to-head in a heated and very enticing game.

The junior class was coached by Dammy Dosu, Reed Mathee, Bledar Jahovic, Edgar Gomez, Dylan Ramirez, and Jakeem Spencer. The juniors have only had one win in years past, so this years loss wasn’t too much of a hit.

The seniors were coached by Craig Dawkins, Markhus and Matthew Taylor, Richard Azuna, Thomas Gaul, Seth Swanson, Barrington Wade, Matt Naranjo, and Romario Gayle. Their starters were Christina Martin, Taylor Evonitz, Maia Sepiashvili, Elizabeth Akinboboye, Nicole Wheeler, Adella Moss, Corrie Lev-Ruth, and Hanna Oshana.

The game started off with both teams pumped up for victory, ready to snatch the W from under the wing of the opposing team. The atmosphere in the Chuck Pos stadium was fun and entertaining.

“During practice, the senior coaches really helped by picking out who excelled at catching, throwing, blocking etc. From there, we just started learning plays. It was great that we started right away because we got more practice in and knew what we were doing during the game. In my opinion, we improved dramatically since last year where we were literally just running around the field.” says Martin.

During first quarter, the crowd went crazy as Moss made a touchdown, which helped in leading the senior team to victory.

The rest of the game had a lot of close calls as both team went head to head for the powderpuff champion title. But unfortunately, no other points were made.

The game ended 6-0, with the seniors winning this years powderpuff game. The two teams ended the night peacefully as the girls walked off the field, high-fiving each other. The juniors were triumphed but congratulated the seniors, and planned for next year.

Class of 2018, watch out next year because the class of 2017 isn’t backing down.