Stand Against Racism

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Stand Against Racism

Mandy Aragon

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During homeroom the students of Niles North showed how they stand against racism by walking out of school and forming a line

Race – the topic of the century. What skin we lie within determines how we are judged, how our lives are lived, but the word race is what builds our identity.

On Friday, April 24, Niles North student leaders who attended the Dance Marathon service trip to St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri will help coordinate and lead the Stand Against Racism at Niles North in unity with our neighboring communities to combat racism in any form.  Niles North will stand in solidarity with schools and organizations across the country who will also take part in the National YWCA Stand Against Racism in an effort to raise community awareness regarding issues of social inequality and the negative impact of institutional and structural racism.

The first half of the 45-minute homeroom will be an educational video produced by student leaders about social activism, community engagement, and why we should stand against racism. Students will also have the opportunity to create and complete signs for the event. Staff and students will then walk out of school together and line Lawler Avenue for 15 minutes to collectively send a message that we stand against racism as a school community.

“The purpose of this stand is for Niles North High School to come together in solidarity against racism as a community,” student activities director Caroline Benjamin said. “This is a feeling of our voice being heard as one school, one community, one family, and I hope it’s successful.”

You can also purchase Stand Against Racism t-shirts for $10 here.

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