Vikings’ homecoming against GBN

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Vikings’ homecoming against GBN

Dylan Memmini

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On Friday, Oct. 11, the Vikings varsity football team competed against Glenbrook North High School for the homecoming game.

The Vikings did well at holding off the Spartans for the first portion of the first quarter, but after an injury for GBN, the Spartans’ quarterback, J.J. Spitz, went on to run in a touchdown, followed by a field goal to take the lead.

During the rest of the first quarter, the Vikings held off any more attempts by the Spartans to score.

During the second quarter, there were amazing plays made by both sides, but one in particular was made by Viking J.J. Myles for a 41 yard gain. Myles would later on catch a huge 34 yard pass into Spartan territory, but the drive failed to score.

After a long drive by the Spartans, they kicked in a field goal to make the score 10-0 GBN. The Vikings would later throw an interception to #50 on GBN’s team, which would be returned for a touchdown and field goal, making the lead 17-0 GBN.

The Vikings started to make a fight back with a huge pass to Myles, but when they got the 12 yard line, the quarterback for the Vikings threw an interception to give the Spartans possession. This however was the last thing to happen before the clock ran out and halftime began.

Come third quarter, Vikings handed the ball off to #17 who ran it in for the Vikings’ first touchdown of the game. Being that the play was run on a 4th down, the Vikings had no opportunity for a field goal attempt. GBN would later reply to this touchdown with their own plus a field goal to make it 24-6 GBN. Time ran out before the Vikings could retaliate.

4th quarter, GBN ran in another touchdown and kicked another field goal to make the score 31-6 GBN. This was the score that the Vikings could not come back from.

Through valiant effort and the support of the many fans who packed the stands, the game would end with a final score of 31-6, leaving the Vikings defeated but not broken. The Vikings put up a great effort, but unfortunately, could not hold out against the Spartans.

Go Vikings!