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Bob Marley: One Love – A soulful journey of music and unity

The new Bob Marley biopic, One Love, is an emotional, respectful, and inspirational tribute to the life of the reggae legend we all know and love. 

One Love tells the story of Bob’s music, his rise to fame, and most importantly his message of love and unity. The film showcases his significant impact on culture and music around the world. In the 1960s and 1970s, Jamaica was going through intense political struggles. There was a lot of social unrest, economic struggles, and political violence. This often led to tensions between various communities. On top of that, there was a rise in issues with poverty, limited access to services, and unemployment. Despite the many challenges the people of Jamaica were facing, Bob Marley and The Wailers used the power of speech and music to uplift the spirits of many individuals and actively advocate for social justice and unity among people. 

Viewers need to have some knowledge about the political division Jamaica was experiencing at the time. The political division was part of the reason Marley decided to temporarily leave Jamaica. The movie could have done a better job of that clarification. They do include the attempted assassination of Marley in the movie, but it was thrown in right at the beginning of the movie. It lacked prior knowledge and therefore I felt confused until the pieces came together later in the movie. It all felt rushed. It would surely make sense to someone who considers themselves a big fan of Marley but as someone unfamiliar with his history it is hard to understand. 

There was an attempt to share the lead-up to his groundbreaking career through flashbacks placed throughout the movie. The execution of the flashbacks didn’t always make sense. The context didn’t always feel aligned with what was happening in the present of the movie. I wish there was more of a deeper exploration of his life and his legacy. 

On a brighter note, the music included in the movie was soul-touching. I have only ever listened to the most popular Bob Marley songs such as Could You Be Loved or Buffalo Soldier, But after watching the movie I felt inspired to take a deep dive into his catalog of music. His performances are captivating and enjoyable. He has a knack for appealing to people with his powerful lyrics and infectious beats. 

One Love is entertaining but also informative. There is a lot to learn and take away from this movie, I know I did. One of Marley’s most famous albums, Exodus, was named best album of the 20th century by Time magazine. This album, released in 1977, conveys themes of love and unity. The album’s impact and popularity continue to resonate among fans around the world to this very day. Overall, the movie offers a better understanding of Marley’s music, philosophy, and the ever-lasting impact he has on the world. 

Overall, One Love does a brilliant job of spreading the legacy of Marley. Despite the few flaws, the movie was interestingly enjoyable and a learning experience all in one. I would recommended this movie to anyone who enjoys the marvelous music of Bob Marley. 

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