Niles North hosts first AP Summit

This year, District 219 is hosting its very first annual AP Summit. It will take place either online or in person at Niles North on May 30-31 and August 8-9. 

This Summit is designed for students who are taking an AP course next year or are current AP students interested in learning more about their future classes. It delves into what students can expect next year and any summer work that’s available to them. Moreover, students will also get a chance to receive information directly from their potential course teacher. There are also students who have taken prior AP classes and are willing to give study tips to those who participate in the Summit.

Even though some students have taken AP classes before, people are supportive of the Summit.

“If I was in my junior year I wouldn’t since I’m used to taking AP classes and know the expectations, but going into freshman/sophomore year I would. It’s pretty valuable for people who are inexperienced,” senior Yordanos Divelbess said. “If I were someone going, I would probably want to see specific details or a syllabus, and list of books to read if it was English, as well as the teacher’s expectations so I don’t lose my bearings in class.”

Teachers also believe students should participate in the new Summit.

“I think it’s a great way for students to learn more study strategies and AP expectations in class, ideally to students who haven’t taken one before and are looking to challenge themselves,” Social Studies teacher Pankaj Sharma said.

Students who are interested in the May Summit can sign up through the Registration Link. Information for the August Summit will be released during the summer so keep an eye out in June/July for an email.