Niles North welcomes Tom Moore to D219

Niles North welcomes Tom Moore to D219

Incoming Superintendent Thomas Moore visited Niles North on March 18 to tour the school and meet the staff.

Moore was energized to be on North’s campus.

“Meeting the kids here, getting to know the staff has been really great, seeing kids is really great, but I want to get to be a part of the building, I want people to be able to know me. I love high schools, I have been superintendent of a district that has 11 elementary schools and 3 middle schools, so the fact of being

Tom Moore speaks with staff on March 18 in the Commons. (Si Micari-Lawless)

able to focus again on high school where I taught and coached my whole life, ” Moore said. “I’m just thrilled to be with the energy you guys bring. I really just want to be a part of people getting to know me here and that experience.”

Moore was complimentary of North’s environment and neighborhood.

“It’s so great. I love the facility, the staff’s been welcoming, driving around the area,” Moore said.  “There’s things that are different like when you first come in the area so much of the housing around here is brick whereas in Connecticut New England it’s all wood. So it’s a little bit weird just seeing that environment being different but its part of the exciting things.

Moore is eager to start in a few months.

“Everybody here has been so friendly and welcoming to me and I’m so excited,” Moore said.  “I wished it was July 1st now since that’s when I start, but we go, we have school till June 19th in Connecticut. So, I only have about a week in between from when that ends and starting here so that’ll be exciting and busy.”