NN cheer team rocks the CSL


Image credit: Brett Bildstein

Niles North has entered a golden age of coed cheer.

For the third straight year, the team has bested their CSL championship competitors, and qualified for the prestigious IHSA sectional meet thereafter.

“We came in fourth place,” commented senior Lexi Centeno. The top five teams from that event will continue on to the state level.  

Despite the outward success of her teammates, this season has been notably more challenging than the previous few have been. 

“Now we’re not allowed to stunt, which has been the main part of this sport. We’re not allowed to chant like we usually do”.

Aside from the altered content of their performances, the team has faced other changes including a new, virtual format for the state competition. The team will have to record a video performance in the hopes of advancing to the IHSA meet’s second round. “I really want to advance to day two,” Centano said.

As for the secrets to the Vikings’ sustained success, in a highly competitive athletic division such as the CSL North, delivering a multidimensional performance is key.

“My coach always says [that] Niles North is good at creating a feeling for the judges,” Centano continued. “All of the teams have to lay their skills on the mat, but not every team makes people want to watch them”.

While the landscape of their sport is altered by an unpredictable and dark reality, the cheer team hopes to keep lighting up arenas and sparking electrifying feelings in the hearts of their audiences for years to come.