NN custodial workers get recognition thanks to WHO Club

On March 3, a custodial panel was hosted by WHO (We Help Others) Club to acknowledge the hard-working staff and to remind students to be more considerate about how they can help keep the school clean.

During the panel, the custodians talked about their lives outside of their jobs and what they would like students to know. 

“It’s important to know that everyone here is valuable,” WHO Club sponsor Pankaj Sharma said. “We need to recognize the people working in our school. We can’t have a functioning school without everyone contributing.”

During the panel, WHO club members senior Atra Kachaochana and senior Sara Odish translated for some of the custodial staff members.  These translators explained the custodians deserve empathy for the work they do.

“They (students) don’t know about the sacrifices they made to come here,” Senior Angelo Battung said. “I really liked the panel and it was nice to see a side of the staff and faculty that no one really saw before…Generally, I think it was a good experience.”

The amount of trash getting thrown away has greatly decreased thanks to the new ZeroWaste composting stations, but sadly the amount of trash left on lunch tables have increased.

“Please take your lunch trays and place the contents in the appropriate bins,“ Niles North principal James Edwards said in an email. “Many staff members and students have dedicated their time and energy to our lunchroom composting initiative.”

The composting program (which provides community service hours) needs more volunteers, if you’re interested please email Arlene Sagan ([email protected]) or Pankaj Sharma ([email protected]). Throughout your day, please remember to clean up after yourself.