The Muslim Student Association Update

 Courtesy of Twitter


Courtesy of Twitter

Lots of changes are taking place this year at Niles North’s Muslim Student Association. Muslim Student Association, or MSA, is for those people who want to learn more about Islam and its teachings and pray Jummah, or religious Friday prayer, or just for people that want to meet up with friends and attend fun events.

MSA is in for a lot of changes this year, including an official imam for Friday prayers. An imam is a person who leads the salah, or prayer, usually in a masjid. Although Muslims do pray 5 times each day, the Friday prayer is especially important, so this addition is crucial.

“We’re really trying to embrace the whole ummah [community]. We don’t just want it to be an ethnic-based club,” MSA sponsor Douglas Williams said.  “We want everyone to feel welcome. We also want to reach out to everyone and collaborate with other clubs.”

For students that want to pray during the school day, such as during lunch, there is an option to pray in the student activities center.

Students in the Muslim Student Association take part in many activities, ranging from trivia nights to Islamic talks and panels. They hope to see more new students this year after school in the Commons every Friday this year. Come join them next Friday!