Grab a ticket to see Ipi Zombi

The Niles North Theatre Department has an upcoming play titled Ipi Zombi with performances starting on October 17! 

The basis of the plot is about “A mysterious and tragic bus accident claimed the lives of twelve local school boys. The town, devastated by this tragedy, seeks justice and and explanation: witchcraft. Truth, rumor, and legend consume the town as they conduct their own “witch hunt”. Based on a true story, Ipi Zombi tells of the haunting reality that befell before a small South African town after tragic chaos shook their moral, political, and social compass.”

“I am excited to see this play with my friends because I have ever heard about an event like this happening so I am eager to see what it is about. I also have never seen any plays about a witch hunt so it makes me even more interested,” Niles North Senior Alyssa Lule said. 

There will be a free community performance on October 17 at 10am, then $10 performances on October 17 at 7pm as well as October 18 and 19 at 4pm at the Drama Performance Center. Tickets are sold at the box office and online at