German students win big at UIC German High School Day


As part of their yearly participation in the UIC German High School Day, German students from Niles North took home prizes in the Skit, City Guide, and Cover Art competitions last month.  Students from all levels of German took place in the events, helping boost Niles North for the second year in a row to rank as one of the highest prize-winning schools at the event.
In arguably one of the most popular competitions featured, Niles North won first place, beating out four other schools with their skit, “Norbert der Narzisst” (Norbert the Narcissist).The skit told the story of a young man who meets the love of his life through his obsession himself. Norbert proves the odd ways of love to be true, ultimately overcoming his self-centered attitude by falling in love with someone equally selfish. Dawid Szmigielski played Norbert, accompanied by Marianna Leber as his crush, Nora, George Vail as Phi, Annemarie Reid as Epsilon, Dan Chung as Stefan, and Harley Davidson as Delta. Tina Tillman led the set design, with the help of Katherine Betz and Kiana Foreman.
In the City Guide event, freshmen Hannah Kamm and Katherine Andrew took third place with their dramatic presentation on the town of Bremen, Germany. Their piece included a detailed tour of some of Bremen’s most famous landmarks such as the Bremen Stadtmusikanten (Town Musicians of Bremen), a famous statue based off a popular children tale.
Niles North senior Tillman also took third place with her entry into the cover art competition. For this competition, students design German themed art to be featured on the cover of the German High School Day program.