Niles North boys soccer make history with first ever conference title

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Niles North boys soccer make history with first ever conference title

Ana Vancea

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Thursday, Oct. 3 proved to be a pretty tremendous feat for boys varsity soccer, and a historic one as well for Niles North.

The team had a 4-0 win against Maine East, granting them not only bragging rights but the first conference title since Niles North opened back in 1964.

Senior Jake Douglas scored the first goal of the game. His goal was followed quickly with a goal by Benjamin Ibarra. The two players put their team in the lead 2-0 with still a good amount of time left before halftime.

The team kept their momentum strong by doubling their lead 4-0, with a corner goal from Ricky Torres and a game securing goal from junior Sean Riordan.

The players and coaches are still extremely exhilarated about the game’s end result.┬áSenior varsity player Carlos Santos expanded on their emotions and strengths from Thursday evening.

“Coming into the game there were jitters because it was either win or lose the title. But we came together and worked together to perfectly execute and score four satisfying goals,” Santos said.

The mega win allowed the soccer team to celebrate and call it their own. Had they not won it all Thursday evening, the Giants and Maine West would have shared the title.

The other circumstance would’ve been if the Vikings had tied with the Blue Demons – there would have been a three-way tie for the conference championship title. Fortunately, the Vikings deservedly won the game and the title is now Viking property.

Niles North celebrates this feat in Niles North boys soccer as one for the ages.

Go Vikings!

Article written by Kelsey Cruz