Boys cross country comes together in memoriam

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Boys cross country comes together in memoriam

Maggie Quane

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On Tuesday, Sept. 24 cross country teams from all over the area gathered for a meet at Harms Woods, marking the first meet run by NNXC as a whole since Coach Horyn’s passing. Every runner wore a purple ribbon on their uniform to show support for NNXC, including Deerfield High School, who sported purple running shorts and white shirts along with their ribbons (pictured with NNXC above).

Freshman Tommy Montgomery finished his 2 mile, 370 yard race in 12:52, winning first place in the frosh/soph race.

Head coach Dave Shafron was definitely proud of the team, who took first place overall at the meet.

“Coach was really emphasizing pack work (running in a group/pack of a few guys) and I think we listened, and we did it, and when it’s done right it really works,” said senior captain Matthew Groner.

Junior Dhruvil Patel finished second in the three mile race with a time of 15:53. Nebil Mohamed (jr.) took fourth with a time of 16:27, followed by senior Benjamin Popernick with a time of 16:32, and senior Ilyas Teraki with a time of 16:38.

“We had a nice memorial and a nice group of runners, great diversity, and not to be cocky, but we really showed them that we were here to win,” added Groner.

Overall, Boys Cross Country proved themselves to be a group of talented and determined individuals who are extremely dedicated and truly love their sport, and as they gathered in for their final huddle, there is no doubt Coach Horyn was smiling down on them.

Go Vikings!