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Tate McRae’s “Think Later” is an exciting turn for the rising star


Tate McRae is a popular pop singer that blew up this year. Her newest album Think Later came out Dec. 8, having 14 songs on the album. 

Tate McRae is a 20 year old Canadian singer. Her most viral songs, Greedy and Exes came out this year, having her songs promoted everywhere. McRae promoted her music everywhere, especially on YouTube Shorts. This album has reached over 430 million streams, and includes Greedy and Exes.

Think Later is an album about love. A good girl falls in love and regrets losing herself. This album is about going through a breakup, and coming back stronger, to make the man forget what he missed out on. “This album represents the feelings of falling in love, feeling glimpses of obsession, missing the signs, and feeling the repercussions” McRae said.

The beat is hype and flowy, and the lyrics are powerful. The lyrics are also catchy, and can get stuck in your head. Her voice when singing is very powerful. Exes is a song about how her ex can leave her alone and can not get in the way, even though she still keeps his “necklace.” 

Greedy is a song about how a guy is with her all night, and they keep talking, and she says how she would put him through a ride and how she would want to love herself. The lyrics show how they meet, and how obsessed and unobsessed she really is.

These two songs are the most popular in her album and her career, which made her known from multiple platforms. Overall, this album is a common theme, but putting her own twist to it. I would recommend this album toward Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift fans, not rap. This album was a solid effort from a bright new artist.

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