Celebrating Earth Month all of April


April is Earth month, Earth month is a time to raise environmental awareness and focus on the issues negatively affecting the Earth. Earth month was originally started to resist the abusive and negligent consumption of leaded gas by Americans. 

There are a lot of issues in the environment right now that need to be addressed. There has been a drastic rise in temperatures, high risks of extinction, nature based solutions aren’t being found enough, and humans are letting out high amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. 

Because of Earth Month, humans are able to aim a high focus on these issues and work on reversing the damage being done before it’s too late. 

To help reverse these issues, you can donate to a charity, work on saving energy in your household, or find an organization that plants trees. 

On April 23 Emily Oaks will be holding an Earth Day Celebration. It is free for all ages and will involve activities surrounded around the Nature Center Trails. Participants will be able to experience the unique perspective of other animals that we share Earth with.