Poetry Out Loud makes its comeback, Malhotra advances to Regionals

The schoolwide Poetry Out Loud competition was held on Feb. 1 in the New Commons after a three-year break due to the pandemic. The annual event was sponsored by English teachers Jessica Ralfs and Courtney Hanson. Students from different grades and classes participated, each having to recite two memorized poems for a chance to be chosen for the regional contest later this month.

Poems of all different genres and styles were presented, with authors ranging from classics such as Lewis Caroll and E.E. Cummings to other more modern, unknown ones. All participating students took very different approaches in their recitations; some employed the technique of changing the volume of their performance from time to time, others focused on body language and others changed facial expressions throughout.

“If you are interested in poetry or if you like public speaking, then yeah [you should do Poetry Out Loud],” senior Nina Malhotra said.

Malhotra won the competition with her performance of the poems Sorrow is Not My Name by Ross Gay and How to Triumph Like a Girl by Ada Limón.

“I like reading poetry, I enjoy it, I like listening to other people’s readings of it,” Malhotra said.

Overall, the event was a huge success. Students of all grade levels are strongly encouraged to participate next year (it even gets you extra credit in some English classes). 

Malhorta will move on to the next round of Regionals on Feb. 13 in Chicago.