Spanish Honor Society hosts cinematically immersive movie night, Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón

On Feb. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the New Commons, Spanish Honor Society will host its annual movie night by showcasing director Joe Menedez’s comedic adventure film Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón (To Rob a Thief).

As part of its core mission to promote the influence of the Spanish language, Spanish Honor Society works to hold a schoolwide movie night every year during the month of February. During this event, a Spanish language film is chosen by the organization to be shown to the school community in a cinematically designed experience, usually in the New Commons. The featured film is voted on by the active members of the society and chosen according to the popularity of its plotline.

“I’m really looking forward to this year’s movie night,” Spanish Honor Society cosponsor Pamela Benitez said. “Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón is a fantastic movie, it’s action-packed with an amazing plot and such talented actors! The premise is there’s a guy who makes infomercials for fake products and has gotten rich off the Latinx community with his scam. Two professional thieves decide they’ve had enough and plot to get back at the infomercial guy to bring justice to the Latino community who has been scammed by this hoax for many years.”

After the wildly successful premiere of last year’s film, Ya Veremos, the organization looks forward to the prospect of another movie to showcase the diversity of Hispanic culture at Niles North. This year’s event hopes to gain more popularity as a Spanish Honor Society tradition, one that seeks to unite the school community through the power of film. However, according to Benitez, there were some aspects of last year’s event that did not necessarily go as planned.

“Last year’s movie was “Ya Veremos” (“We’ll See”) about a young boy who creates a bucket list of things he wants to experience before a surgery he needs in which he might lose his vision,” Benitez said. “It’s a great movie but we didn’t realize the movie didn’t have English subtitles so some of the students who came from Spanish 1 classes had trouble following along. This year we made sure ahead of time that Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón does have English subtitles so everyone will be able to understand what’s happening.”

There are also advantageous benefits to attending the event, such as obtaining extra credit for one’s Spanish class and gaining a more comprehensive knowledge of the Spanish language outside the classroom.

“Spanish Honor Society movie night is such a nice event because it’s always held on a Friday where everyone can come together and relax while enjoying an amazing movie in Spanish,” Benitez said. “Students taking Spanish class also are happy to get some extra credit. It’s been a longstanding  tradition that the school community looks forward to every year.”

It’s been a longstanding  tradition that the school community looks forward to every year

— Spanish Honor Society cosponsor Pamela Benitez

All are welcome to join the Spanish Honor Society on Feb. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the New Commons to watch Ladrón que Roba a Ladrón for an entertaining Friday evening.