What can you do this Spring Break with $20?


Photo credit: Penelope Roewe

The flower pots that we painted at the park.

Spring Break is just around the corner, and many are on a budget. But you can still have fun and do activities for under $20! For our $20 spring break activity, we decided to have a small picnic at the park and paint flower pots. 

The park we decided to go to was National Park in Morton Grove. It was in the high 60s all day, it was really nice. We met up in the afternoon and got to painting our flower pots. We also brought snacks and drinks from home to snack on while we painted. One of us brought a speaker so we could listen to music while we were painting. It was super relaxing to paint and enjoy the nice weather, listen to music, and get to know each other more. 

The flower pots, paint, and Mod Podge to seal the pots were from Michael’s.  The total was $21.26. We then applied a 20% off coupon found on the Michael’s website to get the items for $16.97. The flower seeds were purchased at Ace Hardware, 4 packets for a dollar. The grand total spent was $18.07.

We had lots of fun hanging out and having this picnic! It was super laid back and a nice break from homework. The weather was great and overall a great experience!