Apple launches five new products


Photo credit to MacRumors

A well known fact is Apple finds a way to upgrade and create new technology every year or two. This year there’s something brand new. Apple created something called the Airtag. It’s a small circular device that’s about 1.5 inches big. The way you use it is by clipping it onto your keys or anything you typically lose and with the find my iPhone app it will connect to your phone and give the precise location of where it is. There is also a built in speaker so if it’s in your home you can play a sound and find it easier as well. There is a feature where you essentially play a game of hot and cold with the airtag once you’re close enough. It’s priced at $29 but for a pack of four it’s $99. 

An item that’s not really talked about is the Apple TV. This new one allows you to go from 32gb to 64. There is also a new auto balance color feature. With the new Siri remote there’s a circular pad to navigate the buttons easier which the old remotedid not have this feature. There is a new bionic processor that boosts the graphic performance. Priced at $179 a bonus is that this product is only $20 more than the last Apple TV which is six years old. 

If you have wanted a colorful computer here is your chance. The new iMac comes in seven bright colors. The accessories that come in those same colors include the magic keyboard and mouse so you can have a matching set of everything. There are two options for a 24 inch or 27 inch display. The webcam, speaker, and microphone are all also upgraded with this new release. The M1 chip is the biggest improvement in the technical part of it. It’s Apple’s new chip that is more powerful and capable of executing 11 trillion operations per second. For the 27 inch iMac you have the intel chip which comes with more storage and memory. Priced at $1299 and $1799 you can preorder the iMac or wait for them to hit the shelves in late May. 

The IPad Pro is another big product that is coming out with a new display of 12.9 inches and a mini LED display. The older one has a Touch ID but now the IPad is coming out with the Face ID just like the IPhones which means the camera is getting an upgrade as well and is now 12 MP.  The M1 chip is also in the new IPad which is already a big upgrade. Priced at $1099 you can preorder it now.