After the AFC winning game, here are six big moments

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USA Today Sports

On Jan. 26, the NFL hosted the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida. The game had the NFC and AFC go head to head and resulted with the AFC winning the game 38-33, with lots of big moments that intensified the fans. Here are my top 6 game moments (Not in order).

Before I get to my list of moments from the Pro Bowl, I want to say that the Pro Bowl was intense and exciting to watch as two big conferences went head to head with each other to see what was the better conference from the two. At number 1 goes to the moment at the first quarter with 8:01 left when L.Jackson (AFC quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens) passed short left that was supposed to go to J.Landry (AFC Wide Receiver for the Cleveland Browns), in which it got intercepted by B.Baker (NFC free safety for the Arizona Cardinals) at NFC 5. The moment made it better from the fact that Baker was even able to run 15 yards after he intercepted the pass and made the touchdown. Also, I want to point out that this happened very early in the game, which most of the time shouldn’t have happened. 

At number 2 goes to the moment at the first quarter with 5:03 left when D.Brees (NFC quarterback for the New Orleans Saints) passes in deep middle to Mi. Thomas (NFC Wide Receiver for the New Orleans Saints) while he was running to the AFC touchdown line for 16 yards, in which he succeeded. I felt the moment should be on the list because the AFC player guarding Mi.Thomas, M.Fitzpatrick (AFC free safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers), could have prevented Thomas from getting the touchdown and kept the AFC at a bigger lead than the NFC if he would’ve been a little more prepared for the rush. 

At number 3 goes to the moment at the first quarter with 15 seconds left when R.Wilson (NFC quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks), got sacked at NFC 18 by V.Miller (AFC outside linebacker for the Denver Broncos). The moment was very significant because Miller sacked Wilson less than 3 seconds after both teams got back to their gameplans at the field.

At number 4 goes to the moment at the second quarter with 4:38 when L.Jackson passed a short right to M.Andrews (AFC tight end for the Baltimore Ravens), Andrews then ran 3 yards for a touchdown. The moment was worth the watch because Andrews pushed through the defensive contest from two NFC players at the touchdown zone and was able to successfully score a touchdown.At number 5 goes to the moment at the third quarter with 7:58 when D.Watson (AFC quarterback for the Houston Texans) passed a deep middle intended to K.Allen (AFC wide receiver for the San Diego Chargers), the ball got intercepted by H.Smith (NFC free safety for the Minnesota Vikings) at NFC 3. H.Smith headed to NFC 39 for 36 yard, then lateral passed to F.Cox (NFC defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles) for which he ran 61 yards and scored a touchdown. This was a great moment for the 2020 Pro Bowl because the ball looked like it was supposed to be some more points scored by the AFC, but then the NFC clutched and prevented the scoring and actually made somewhat of a comeback.

At number 6 goes to the moment at the fourth quarter with 10:50 when K.Cousins (NFC quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings) got sacked at AFC 18 and fumbled 9 yards back, the ball then recovered by T.Watt (AFC Outside Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers) at AFC 18 and ran 82 yards to successfully score a touchdown. This was a moment that also caught my attention because I felt that Cousins made a poor decision for taking way too long to decide who to give the ball to. If he were to pass before he fumbled, he could’ve prevented the AFC from scoring that touchdown.

In conclusion, the Pro Bowl was with the usual prediciton of the AFC winning the game. For the future games, I’m confident that the NFC will someday make a comeback and prove that the game is balanced, making predictions less predictable and with more possibilites.