Who is Victor Viking?

Niles North website

Niles North website

The presence of Victor Viking at varsity sports events and pep assemblies is a custom at Niles North: Though the Scandinavian seafaring pirate may seem like an immortal entity, there is, indeed, a student behind the beloved mascot. 

“Victor Viking has been a tradition at Niles North for at least 50 years. The suit is replaced periodically, of course,” Director of Student Activities Caroline Benjamin said. “The students play a huge role in the future of this tradition.”

Understanding the significance of wearing the Viking suit, its details are kept secret by students and staff alike. As the identity of the student behind the mascot must remain anonymous, the following interview will not reveal the name or grade of the student.

“Assuming the role of Victor Viking wasn’t a hard decision for me,” the Niles North student inside the costume said. “I always wanted to be involved in school spirit, so I began acting as Victor my freshman year. Going to sports games and hyping everyone up is exciting! It’s cool knowing that the mascot has such a long history; a history that I get to add to.”

Victor will be cheering on the Varsity football team at the Homecoming game against Maine East on October 18.