Dance Marathon serves up a local brew with Curt’s Café


Ellie Henderson, North Life Editor

Dance Marathon (DM) will raise money to support Curt’s Café, a local Evanston coffee shop. And there is a latte more to it!

Curt’s Café is a non-profit breakfast spot located in Evanston, Illinois that provides employment and educational opportunities to people who have been in contact with the judicial system and have struggled.

Curt’s Café is meant to provide opportunities to young adults living in at-risk situations by teaching work and life skills. Curt’s works to provide job training, counseling, assistance in obtaining a GED, and helping with life decisions and skills.

“One of the standout things about Curt’s Café was a former student came into talk and that had made a huge impact on me and my decision to choose Curt’s,” Grace Steger, DM exec, said.

In a subsequent discussion, a former Niles North student shared his positive experience with Curt’s Café. This influenced the collective decision to choose Curt’s Café as this years main charity.

DM is a student-run nonprofit at Niles North and Niles West. Each year DM votes on a new main charity. Students in DM raise money all year long by holding bake sales, candy sales, having events such as karaoke and trivia night and partnering with businesses.

Stated on Curt’s Café website, “Our two bold goals for the next three years are to: strengthen Curt’s Café’s leadership and governance structures in order to effectively support and achieve our mission and use our financial model and proven performance to expand our mission beyond Cook County and transform lives of more underserved young adults.”

If you would like to participate come to WHO Club on Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 3:30 p.m. in room 1100. Guest speaker Susan, founder of Curt’s Café will be there talking about Curt’s and the current issues they tackle.

Curt’s Café currently has two locations located on 2922 Central St and 1813 Dempster Street in Evanston, Illinois.

For more information on Dance Marathon go to DM website,, and sign up to be a part of DM or learn more!