Bad Brains, Zombies, and Cars, oh my!

Katelin Aanerud

On Oct. 16 the official listing of this years nominees for a prized spot in the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame were released, and on Dec. 15 the fan vote comes to an end. The list contains many bands and artists worthy of a place on the list, and some maybe not so worthy.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been awarding the biggest names in the rock industry with a spot among their peers since 1986. Every year another five to 12 names are added to the list, the group being a mixture of solo artists and groups.

Some already in the hall of fame include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, B.B. King, The Clash, and Dusty Springfield. In more recent years they have also welcomed artists like Nirvana, Green Day, Cheap Trick, and KISS.

This year they sure are bringing some big bands to the table, both some with a long running history, like Electric Light Orchestra and Joan Baez, and newer artist, like Tupac Shakur and Pearl Jam. Others include The Cars, The Zombies, Depeche Mode, Yes, and Kraftwerk. The full list of this years nominees is available on their website.

Some on the list, in my eyes, are much more deserving of such a ranking. To be in the same category as legends like Paul McCartney, Chuck Berry, Jeff Beck, and Eric Clapton takes a lot of work put into their field. ELO with 13 studio albums, 5 live albums, and a total of 50 singles really deserve a spot in this hall of fame. Along with that, their song “Mr.Blue Sky” should be considered for a place on their list of “Songs That Shaped Rock”. Next to The Moody Blues, ELO is one of the main bands to incorporate strings and brass on their extensive collection of music. Maybe it’s the ever changing line-up that has prevented them from joining, but it’s about time they got the recognition they deserved.

The Cars are also one of the most deserving on the list if fans take into account their influence on the rock sub genre New Wave. Along with bands like Elvis Costello and The Attractions and Heart, both already claiming their spot amongst the hall, The Cars helped to carve the mixture of pop, punk, and rock.

Hardcore fans of the early 60s and the sub genre Psychedelic Pop will recognize the name “The Zombies” in a heartbeat. Other might take a second, and after they listen to songs such as “Time Of The Season” and “She’s Not There” will appreciate the genius of the band and the wonderful singing of Colin Blunstone.

Though I’m a fan of bands like Guns ‘N Rose, Metallica, and Black Sabbath, the choice to put Pearl Jam on the board this year isn’t the best idea. The band is far too new and their collection doesn’t have as much of an influence as other Metal bands. Ozzy Osbourne is a legend, and with his current library of music Eddie Vedder doesn’t deserve a spot with the greats of the Metal sub genre. Neither, in my opinion, does the hard-psychedelic band Journey. Though they have released many more tracks than bands already on the list, Journey hasn’t made as much of an impact. The only thing they have to their name is the rock anthem “Don’t Stop Believin'” It’s an overplayed song, and just because of it they shouldn’t be put up with bands like Queen, who have created many more “anthems”.

Overall, ELO is by far the most deserving of this award. Following them would be The Cars, The Zombies, and Joan Baez. Afterwards, the places are really all equal. Maybe after a few more years in the business I’d be okay with Pearl Jam claiming a spot.