Presidential debate brings back kindergarten memories

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Presidential debate brings back kindergarten memories

Hamid Ahmadi

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The second presidential debate, which took place on Oct 9 at Washington University, was a cross between a “he said, she said” argument and an extremely heated fight on the playground. Let’s go over some of the key points of the debate.

Clinton went into sunday’s debate with massive momentum, a majority of it caused by Trump’s stumbles. However she made sure she made no types of errors that would allow the Republican back into the contest. Even in the face of some very personal attacks from Trump, she kept steady and pleasant. She also seemed more knowledgeable on Trump’s actions. Another major plus for Clinton was that she let her opponent speak, which seems to be an obstacle that Trump struggles with.

During this debate, Clinton definitely had more chances to hit Trump with more negative blows than she had done during the previous debate, which she didn’t which shows that she kept her teperment calm, cool, and collected.

However, when confronted about the deleted emails incident, Clinton’s response was merely an answer. She then went into a whole spiel about Abaraham Lincoln and Wall Street together which in my eyes was plain out ridiculous.

Moving onto Trump, who definitely was much more solid and energetic in this debate than in the previous one. He ad-libbed a terrific line after Clinton’s Lincoln-Wall Street spiel.

But even though Trump’s attitude changed tremendously since the last debate, he still was his own enemy. He made the whole situation sticky for himself after he held a pre-debate news conference with a handful of women allegedly assaulted by Bill Clinton which flowed seamlessly into Trump’s insistence from the debate stage that Hillary Clinton would be in jail if he was elected president. But, these comments and also his remarkable, repetitive accusation that Clinton has “hate in her heart,” helped him win the debate among the Republican base that has been longing for a candidate who would stand up to the Clintons without fear of reprisal. However, the problem for Trump is that we know from polling that his base isn’t nearly large enough to win an election.

Let’s take a couple steps back. If you paid attention and watched the debate from the beginning, you would have noticed that the candidates broke what is a political debate tradition by not shaking hands at the start of the night. This opened up the window that tension blew into throughout the night.

When asked about the recordings of his talking about women in a vulgar fashion, Trump went on to talk about how Bill Clinton’s actions during his presidency were far worse than his.

“If you look at Bill Clinton, far worse. Mine are words, and his was action. His was — what he’s done to women, there’s never been anybody in the history of politics in this nation that’s been so abusive to women … Hillary Clinton attacked those same women and attacked them viciously. Four of them here tonight,” Trump said.

That statement puzzled me in more ways than one. Comparing your assault charges to someone else assault charges is not something that you do, especially if you’re running for president. Your charges being less serious than someone else’s charges isn’t something that you should be proud of. So, if this was Trump’s way of firing back at the Clinton’s, his gun must have been pointing the wrong way because it definitely back fired on him.

If you read my last article and are wondering why I’m not quite covering this past debate like I did for the first one, it’s because I believe that this election is just becoming childish now. Both candidates are above 65 years old, but act like the two little kids who always argue over who gets the last juice box during snack time. I zoned out of the debate 45 minutes in, because all they kept doing was going back and forth, and not really giving the answers that people wanted to hear. They just kept “flaming” each other.

To fact check sunday’s debate and find out what the candidates lied about, visit this site.

Some might argue that the debate had a clear and obvious winner (the answers vary). However, if you ask me, no candidates deserve to be called a “winner” after the blatant children’s fight that occurred on sunday night.

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