No boys will be crying at Little Bad Wolf

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No boys will be crying at Little Bad Wolf

Ben Lipka

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Chicago has no shortage of upscale bars, but many fade into the crowd and fail to make a lasting impression on the taste buds of Chicagoans. However, Niles North’s very own Ankur Joshi and his partners, Sal Ashbach and Gus Lappas, have created a memorable and exquisitely delicious experience at their Andersonville restaurant, Little Bad Wolf.

I visited Little Bad Wolf for dinner on a Wednesday night. At first glance, the space is on the smaller side, and some may have difficulty finding room on a busier weekend night. Still, once visitors delve into the food they are bound to be intrigued in what Little Bad Wolf has to offer.

The menu is a perfect length, not being overwhelmingly long however also having a plethora of items so that returners can try something new each time they venture to the restaurant. It is cleverly sorted into three categories, pinch, grab, and stab. Several Chicago news outlets have raved about the burgers, so my decision was made easy.

I went with the Bad Burger, a compromise between the smaller Little Burgers and gargantuan Wolf Burger. The Bad Burger comes with two patties, two slices of american cheese, pickles, and mayo. I ordered my burger without pickles and with onion strings. I also shared a side of fries and mac and cheese.

All of the food was tremendously rich, and I quickly felt myself getting full. The burger was outstanding, definitely making it into my list of favorite burgers around the city. The patties were cooked to perfection and combined perfectly with the cheese. The mayonnaise was not overwhelming but provided fantastic flavor to each bite. The onion strings also added a nice twist. Additionally, the fries were crispy and oily, and the chili aioli sauce they came with provided a much needed spice to the meal. Finally, although I definitely did not have much of an appetite at this point, the macaroni and cheese, with bacon, scallions, and bread crumbs, was creamy and delectable, serving as an admirable side to practically any dish on the menu.

“It’s definitely a unique place. The food tastes great. I ordered the fried chicken and I really enjoyed it,” Jay Patel, senior, said.

More information about Little Bad Wolf can be found on their website here. They are located at 1541 West Bryn Mawr Avenue in Andersonville.

Featured image credit to: Burger Weekly, Yelp, Tabelog