CROSO: The future of Uganda


Ada Torres

Molly MacCready, founder of the Child Restoration Outreach Support Organization (CROSO), came to Niles North this Wednesday to spread the awareness of how CROSO provides the children of Uganda with the tools necessary to flourish in society.

CROSO provides the children with food, counseling, medical care, education and housing. MacCready talked about expanding CROSO to other parts of Africa beyond Uganda. This non profit organization aims to fill the gap and build bridges for those who are economically disadvantaged.

“Money for this organization comes from very generous people. I’m glad that they’re helping out to help these kids succeed in life.” MacCready said.

Share your treasure with CROSO by investing in their program:

Here are several giving levels that we encourage because of their associated impact:

$2,000: Tuition, housing, fees and supplies for one scholar for one year
$1,000: Tuition, housing, fees and supplies for one scholar for one semester
$500: Laptop and internet access for one scholar
$250: Housing for one scholar for one year
$100: Transportation for one scholar for one year

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“CROSO scholar, Ariong Gabriel, has just begun his final year, studying and working towards a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health at Medicare.”