Robot roll call! Mystery Science Theater 3000 out of the vault

Katelin Aanerud

The cult classic tv show, Mystery Science Theater 3000, might be having a reboot after the previous creator, Joel Hodgson, started a new Kickstarter for fans to raise two million dollars to produce the first three episodes on Oct. 10.

MST3k was a show back in the late 80’s and 90’s about a man and a group of robots that were sent into space and forced to watch the worst movies of all time. But, it wasn’t just that. Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot and the host, which switched between Hodgson and Michael J. Nelson, coined the phrase “riff” while they sat in front of the movie screen and made jokes about the movies. Now, though this might sound odd, it’s not much different from what people do nowadays. People voice their opinions through movie reviews and comments on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, Reddit, and Instagram. Much the same, there is a reason people like to watch movies and tv shows with their friends because they can make comments and jokes!

On the Kickstarter page, which can be found here, Hodgson said “Our show has had a long, strange run. Across a UHF channel, a cable network, cancellation, a feature film, then another cable network, the show lasted for 12 years, two generations of hosts and puppeteers, 2 Emmy nominations and a total of 197 episodes before we got canceled again for good in 1999.”

Once the goal of two million dollars is reach, they plan to make three full length episodes of riffing of the newest b-movies, and about every extra 1 million, they will make another three episodes, which could result in up to a full season of twelve episodes.

Currently, as of Oct. 11, the Kickstarter has surpassed the halfway point by reaching 1.3 million dollars in less than two days, and fans have another 30 days to reach the goal.