DIY project: Ghost candle holder

Mandy Aragon

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Looking to make fun candles for Halloween to make your home more spirited?  Here’s a cheap and easy 6-step craft to do.

Materials needed:

  • Quart Mason jar
  • Frosted glass spray
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Sheet of paper
  • White tea candle

Step 1: Using the sheet of paper, draw a ghost face.

Step 2: Cut out the ghost face to use as stencil.

Step 3: Place the ghost face on the jar and use a glue stick to secure the stencil pieces. Place the mouth a bit higher if you would like to hide the tea light.

Step 4: Spray the jar with the frosted glass spray and let it dry. This may take more than one coat to get your desired look.

Step 5: Remove the papered stencil pieces and clean any excess glue residue.

Step 6: Remove the top closure of the jar, place the tea candle inside, and light it.

Happy Halloween!