Bill Guard: Monitor your money for free


Adam Odicho

There are many great applications now on the market and one of the top is Bill Guard. Bill Guard is an application that helps you track your purchases, scan your accounts for unwanted charges, and save money.

Bill Guard records and scans your purchases. In case of data breach to a store you may shop at, you will be notified right away through their personalized data breach alert system. Bill Guard is a community; meaning if any of Bill Guard’s users gets a fraud/spam charge, all other users will be notified if the same charge may affect them. Best of all, it’s free! Over $60 million in unwanted charges have been found so far.

Lately, Bill Guard has added its “Save” feature. The “Save” feature scans the web for coupons, based on your spending pattern, to help you save on your purchases.

A survey done by Bill Guard shows that 9 of 10 people do not check their bills, or they quickly read through them, and miss large unnecessary payments charged to their accounts. Bill Guard has estimated that an average consumer loses at least $300 per year for unwanted charges. Also, they have estimated that credit fraud is at $7 billion a year and the banks/merchants only catching a third of it.

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