Master Tutorial: How to cover breaking news

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Master Tutorial: How to cover breaking news

Ana Vancea

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As a grade A-publication, North Star is often approached to cover various events, with the public expecting up-to-the-minute coverage of all the latest stories. Whether it’s a distribution party, sporting event, or awards ceremony, it is important as reporters to include all the critical information for readers.

For example, Kelsey Cruz wrote an article that advertised Dance Marathon. First, Kelsey made sure to post her article in a timely fashion, meaning that the article is posted near enough to the event that it serves its purpose.

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As previously mentioned, the purpose of this particular type of article is to provide critical information about an upcoming event. A huge part of this is identifying what needs to be included, for if the article is too long, the point of the story may be overlooked.

For the Dance Marathon article, this included time, place, and date that the event starts.

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Articles are always more interesting when quotes are included. As a rule, articles should have at least two quotes from various sources that relate to the respective story. Quotes make the article more relatable. For example, the quote in the Dance Marathon article by a member of the executive committee encourages readers to go to a worthwhile event that they are passionate about.

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Finally, the great thing about being an online publication is the ability to utilize multimedia. Kelsey linked a video that introduces the charity that the article is referring to. This way, the article itself gets the important information across but also offers a more in depth look at those interested.

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If an article includes all these elements, you as a reporter have successfully brought crucial news to the school public.