Hybrid Learning: What do you think?

On Monday, March 1, students and staff returned to Niles North to begin learning face-to-face for the first time in nearly a year. The usual school habits of waking up to catch the school bus or to get a ride, walking through the hallways, and sitting down at a desk have become acceptable again, albeit with all the appropriate COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions in place. So for all Niles North hybrid learners, both students and staff, North Star News would like to know about your experiences inside the building so far.


Explain your answer.

In school, I can get things done faster than I do at home because there are fewer distractions. It’s also easier to reach out to teachers, especially when I need extra help. Plus I’m a junior now, which means I’m familiar with the school and I know my way around more than I did early freshman year.”


I like seeing classrooms, teachers, and classmates in person. The only major adjustments I have had were the directions in the hallway and the check-in at the front. That wasn’t difficult because security guards were there to help.


Navigation has been difficult due to not being inside the school for almost a year now. In addition, with specific staircases being reserved for going up or down, getting to classes on other floors can be a hassle at times.


“The teachers were very understanding and didn’t call on random students that were in person. we also didn’t have to take any tests or anything like that while we were in person.”


“There’s been some dislike with classes. Mostly study halls and lunches. The students really want to get back in the classrooms with their peers.”


Explain your answer.

“Combining the 2 groups. Group A and B aren’t fairly divided. In some of my classes there are 8 students in group A and 2 students in group B. I feel like we need to combine the groups. We can go in person more than and maybe up to 4 days a week which would totally be awesome and improve our learning since some of us can’t concentrate at home. I know it’s safe enough to do this and students are following directions by keeping their masks on and social distancing as much as possible from one another. They are wiping their desks off after each class so almost all students are complying and following directions and safety precautions. This is the one thing that can make hybrid even better. I would suggest that Monday and Tuesday all students go for their morning classes up to 11. And then Thursday and Friday the students go in the afternoon for the rest of their classes that day. The best option would be if we could resume full days with both groups combined so we can maximize our learning.”


“Maybe have more classes in a day because I have lunch and study and just on each class when I could be home for that. I would like it if I got to have more classes.”


“I think a system where one could go in-person or Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday would make the learning experience better for those who are in separate cohorts from their close friends or classmates.”


“Make sure the students at home have equal access to the teacher and the information. Get Hot-Spots and high-speed internet to every student at home, who has a right to their education.”


“Passing periods should be a little shorter. I think 10 minutes is too long for a passing period.”


What is going well with the current hybrid model?

“I really like hybrid learning because I get more opportunities to see some friends and teachers, especially the ones I don’t have classes with. I also get to move around more and get out of the house because it’s not good being stuck home all the time. Plus, it’s easier to get things done in school than at home because I’m less distracted.”


“The kids in school seem to be happy to see each other and be able to hang out. The bags of food from the cafeteria workers are really appreciated. The weather has been beautiful so we can OPEN THE WINDOWS which is crucial for safety.”


“Having only half the classes in a day and only going in for 3 periods a day relieves a lot of stress and makes the whole experience much more tolerable and worth it.”


“It’s still pretty much Zoom school, which isn’t bad, but it’s not really “school.” It’s nice not having the hallways be so crowded.”


“There are only a couple people in each class and most of them are very considerate of others when it comes to social distancing.”