WandaVision takes a step in the right direction

WandaVision is the first of many Marvel TV shows to come to Disney+. Created by Jac Schaeffer (who is also the head writer), the show focuses on characters Wanda and Vision as they go through an odd sitcom-like setting as something much more sinister hangs in the background. Through this suburban wonderland and story-telling, WandaVision is an experimental take on the Marvel formula and is a step in the right direction for the future of the Marvel cinematic universe. 

Since this show is still relatively new, I will not be including spoilers for the show since it’s better to go in blind. All the twists and turns of WandaVision should be enjoyed by the viewer trying to piece together what is going on. 

The biggest highlight for me was the performance of Elizabeth Olsen(Wanda) and Paul Bettany(Vision). In the original MCU movies, Vision and Wanda didn’t get a lot of development compared to the other characters or their relationship in general. In WandaVision we get to see the most realistic couple in the MCU. They love each other, yet they understand each other’s faults and grievances. Both actors truly bounce off each other as they navigate through this world. Elizabeth Olsen especially shows the mental turmoil within Wanda. 

WandaVision breaks from the traditional Marvel formula. They are trying something new and took a big risk with this show. I believe it paid off for the most part.”

— Nicole Nantz, Editor-in-Chief

As a fan of the comics, I wasn’t happy with how they introduced Wanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron. But now, they are giving Wanda her due diligence and how she is actually a major player within the Marvel Universe. The show definitely sets up a future for Wanda, and for Marvel fans who like to speculate and theorize about what’s going to happen next, the show provides for that as well. 

As stated before, WandaVision breaks from the traditional Marvel formula. They are trying something new and took a big risk with this show. I believe it paid off for the most part. 

Traditionally the MCU formula has an obvious foil, a snarky protagonist, lots of action, and many pop culture references. But, this one doesn’t have that for most of the show and instead replaces it with new and improved concepts along with character types that haven’t been done before. And, how WandaVision really does have you piece it together instead of it being right in front of the audience. The best parts of the show are when it’s unsettling when you feel the tension between Wanda and Vision and question this world that they are in. 

My main grievance of the show is when it breaks away from this, and goes back to Marvel’s old tricks. This happens during the middle of the show and the ending. It was mainly there to explain what was going on and what was happening outside of the suburban bubble that Wanda and Vision were in. I felt as though instead of flat out explaining this to the audience, they could have shown it whether it may be through Wanda or through Vision then it would have been like the rest of the show. Trying to connect what is going on. 

The main lesson of the story is how to overcome grief. For a recapper for anyone who has forgotten, in Avengers: Infinity War, Wanda watched Vision, the love of her life, die twice. Once, when she had to destroy the Soul Stone which kept Vision alive, and again when Thanos brought him back using the Time Stone to rip the Soul Stone out of Vision. The mental toll that takes on a person is immense. How does a person, who has lost her brother, lost her lover, and is left all alone supposed to do? This is a story of overcoming grief, and how many people try to reinvent what they lost but in the end learn to accept what happened in order to save themselves from further mental destruction. 

This show is rated PG, which is the first time an official MCU piece of media has not been rated PG-13. The only place you can watch this show is through Disney+. If you like experimental media, a little mystery, and continuing to watch the MCU in general, I would highly recommend this show. However, if you don’t like slow beginnings, Wanda or Vision, or the usual Marvel formula I would not recommend this show. WandaVision is definitely a show to keep an eye on and is the beginning of a new chapter for the MCU. I would rate this show, 4 out of 5 stars.